Why You Should Try Speed Dating In Calgary

Why You Should Try Speed Dating In Calgary

Online dating with all its apps is supposed to make meeting people and going on dates easier but that is far from it. If you have ever experienced online dating, you know there is frustration in abandoned conversations, people not keeping their word or ghosting. It seems people just match for the sake of matching or use the apps when they are bored or to pass time. This is not the best way of meeting people. Online dating is supposed to facilitate or make meeting people in person easier, not complicate it. That’s why we are talking about speed dating today. 

Speed dating is efficient and allows you to meet anywhere from 9 to 12 single ladies or men in one setting while having a great time. It is also a fun night out in town. For example at Calgary speed dating- Calgaryspeeddating.com - events are organized at a very nice venue where upon arrival you are assigned your seat and a dating card that allows you to check yes or no after talking to a potential match for 7 to 10 minutes. 

It allows you to get a sense of a person’s energy and vibe as opposed to talking endlessly online, meeting in person and realizing there is no chemistry or connection at all. 

Speed dating has its cons, though the pros far outweigh the former. One of the cons is not knowing who is coming to the event, but some have stated that it is a mystery that draws them to the event. At calgaryspeeddating.com there are appetizers offered at the events which are nice as talking to 9 to 12 people can take a lot of energy. 

Try speed dating, you can't knock something you haven’t tried. But most importantly, try calgaryspeeddating.com 

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