How do Calgary Speed Dating Events Work?

Speed dating events are a great way to meet new people and it's an easy way to narrow down who you might be interested in. Calgary Speed Dating hosts fun, short 7-10 minute date events where you get to have a fun evening chatting with potential matches. At the event, you are ID’d to make sure you are the age you say you are when you registered for the event, we ID to keep the event honest. When the event you sit across from another person to have your 10-minute conversation, it is advised to write the other person's name on your dating card as soon as you sit and say hi. A minute before the event is over you hear a first bell which means your 10minute time with the person sitting across from you is about to be over. After the second bell, you either check off yes or no on the card.  If both of you write "yes" on your dating cards, then that means it is a match and the contact information of people who say yes to each other is released to both of them. From there both of you plan your first date and take things from there. It's a fun, simple no-pressure way to meet potential dates.

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