Frequently Asked Questions

We have been doing this for more than 17 years. We were the first speed dating company in Calgary and are the longest running in Canada. We know what we are doing and provide the best experience. We hold events in a cozy venue that is quite private during the events. We value your privacy. We won't give anyone your last name and other than pictures from our Guinness World Record event, you will never find your picture on our website. We strive to make everyone's experience enjoyable. We want to deliver what we promise. So, we require everyone to bring id to the events and we check everyone's birth date. We don't put up with any bad behavior. (Luckily, we don't have to deal with that often. It's rare that there is any bad behavior at the events.) We keep track of events you've attended and strive to make sure you don't speed date with the same people you've already met, though once in awhile there will be someone you've met but not matched with from a precious event. We ask every participant to fill out a short profile. Nothing too personal - just general things like interests, where they've traveled, that sort of thing. It's just a good jumping off point for great conversations. We serve food at a break we take in the middle of the evening. It's a yummy snack!
Everyone is required to pay for their event ahead of time. Otherwise, there is no commitment to attend. As the male/female ratio must be even (or very close), a no-show can harm speed dating events.
To protect the integrity of the events, participants are required to bring a driver's license or other form of picture id to the events.
While the number fluctuates from event to event, and age group, participants match an average 76% of the time.
The beauty of Calgary Speed Dating is that you get the opportunity to Calgary singles in person. We call it offline dating. At our events, you get to meet an average of 12 singles in one evening and see immediately if any sparks fly. Different people attend every event. It's fun, exciting the best way to have that human connection. Most people that visit us are tired of online dating and have a blast when they attend.
In the unlikely event that there aren't enough of one gender, we will cancel the event and either refund or credit your money - your choice. Our events average 12 of each gender but if we were to have at least 8 of each, we would still go ahead. We consider that meeting 8 of the opposite sex in one evening is still a good number of people to meet. (Note that though we do our best to make sure it doesn't happen, same day drop-outs and event no-shows can occur. We can only do so much!)
The total cost per event is $55.00 plus GST, which includes matches the next day. There will also be complimentary snacks served at the break. There are no hidden charges. You do not pay extra to receive your match or matches.
Unfortunately, people ask us to screen for almost everything from profession, body type, race, religion to parenthood, etc. If we were to screen for everyone's likes/dislikes, we would never be able to put on an event! Consequently, we let you do your own screening. After all, ultimately, it is you who has decide who is right for you. No one else can do it for you.
No matter how you meet people, finding that special someone is a 'numbers game'. There's no getting around it. You can attend as many events as you like, provided we can have enough of the other gender who you haven't met previously. Each event costs $55.00 + GST.
Seeing a room full of people you've met before isn't going to happen. What would be the point? Anyone who returns to another event risks running into a past participant. If that's the case, I would contact you to make sure that's okay with you. We do take great care not to place you at the same event as a previous match, while seeing a person or two that you have met, but not matched with is usually fine with participants. If there is any problem, we would suggest to one or the other that they return on a different date.
Sometimes, people don't make a match. We find that when we contact people with the disappointing news, they tend to get down on themselves or the other participants. The truth is that you can't connect with everyone. Maybe the right person just wasn't there that night. For example, I had one fellow who came and didn't make any connections. When I called him, I could sense his disappointment. I talked him into trying again because I truly want people to enjoy the experience and connect with someone. Reluctantly, he did come again and the next time he made three matches!
Calgary Speed Dating was founded in January 2001. We were Calgary's first speed dating company. We have provided continuous service to Calgary's singles ever since. Our success can be attributed to our personalized, friendly service and our commitment to deliver what we promise to Calgary singles.
While there's nothing preventing friends from coming to speed dating events together, I would recommend coming solo. One of the biggest complaints I hear from men is that groups of women at some single's event huddle together, making them unapproachable. It is easier to chat with comfortable friends rather than converse with new people. Get out of your comfort zone. Also, there is no competition with a friend for the same attendees. At least do not attend with friends who have similar tastes as you. Here are some tips on what to do when you go by yourself and how to have the best time: Come with the purpose of having a wonderful night, no matter what the outcome the next day. Come without any expectations other than to have a great night out and meet a good group of people. Think of the people you sit across from as good conversation and go out on coffee dates. Back off from expectations of meeting someone special that night. Decide you're going to go out and do something different and have fun with it. If you meet someone special, consider it a bonus, but don't go looking for it. You'll feel more relaxed and appear more comfortable, which will increase your chances.
Remember that everyone attending is feeling the same thing as you. Everyone is there, like you, to meet someone and maybe make a connection. Keep telling yourself you can do this. Tell yourself, "I'm, good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggonit, people like me". ....Stuart Smalley. Take a deep breath and walk into the room with confidence and a smile! People will be drawn to your positive energy. Before the event, order a beverage and read the profiles. Reading profiles gives you something to do if there's a short lull in the conversation. Introduce yourself and consider that other people may also be shy and nervous. Someone has to make the first move. Women should not leave it all up to the man to initiate. Everyone is in this together.
Do not come to an event with great expectations and wedding plans. Those who do best have no expectations. They are relaxed and tend to put other people at ease making them more approachable. Think Coffee Date. Formulate some ideas of what you might ask others when there is a lull in the conversation. It's best not to ask, "Do you come to these things often?" or "What happened to your last relationship?". This type of question is loaded. Ask about things that are more specific nature to that person. Ask open ended questions. What do they like to do when they're not working? Have they travelled? Remember that good conversation is give and take. Refer to the Profile for common ground. Never come with a shopping list of questions, especially on paper. NO ONE wants to be interrogated.
Here are a few suggested harmless questions to start conversation:
What do you do for fun?
Where are you from?
What brought you to Calgary?
Tell me about your favourite pastime?
What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?
Dress as though you're going on a first date - because you are! Dress for different temperatures. It might be cool when you first arrive, so wear something nice that can easily be removed when things warm up. Wearing an outdoor coat is like wearing armour.
A full evening of meeting new people, great, hearty appetizers and matches sent out the next day. It is an amount similar to what you might spend at a restaurant or on a night out.


Express Consent

By registering for an event, you are giving your EXPRESS CONSENT to receive emails and/or texts from Calgary Speed Dating. We will not sell or otherwise share your email address with any other company. We will not share your email address with any other participant, unless you specify that email address as your match contact information. We send the occasional email update of future events, depending upon your age and gender.

We will occasionally text or phone you if we have been unable to reach you by any other means. You will not be inundated with junk mail from us. You can stop receiving any communication from us by unsubscribing.

Policy on Privacy & Refund

We offer our clients anonymity by dealing only on a first names basis (and occasionally the first initial of your last name) at any event. You will either have specified how you would like your matches to contact you during the registration process or on the dating card you're given at the event. That is the only information given out the next day.

Upon arrival at an event, you will be asked to provide your driver's licence to confirm birth dates. We will record your birth date only for the purpose of confirming ages to keep the integrity of the events. All information is kept strictly for our records and will NOT be shared with any other individual or company.

We don't keep any credit card information you provide for payment.

Pre-payment is the only way to secure a seat at any event. If you have paid for an event and are unable to attend, notify us ASAP.

The only circumstance under which a refund will be issued, is if we cancel an event. We don't cancel events on a whim. We cancel events because we don't want you to have a mediocre time. If we can't fill an event, we cancel it. At that point, you're notified and a refund is issued.

Please understand that we have been driven to this by groups of people who register for an event together as friends and then cancel as a group leaving us scrambling to fill their seats or cancel the entire event. There will be no refunds from this point on.

If you cancel 48 hours or more from the event date, you will be issued a credit for a future event. Less than 48 hours notice from the event date, you forfeit your payment.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 403-219-3283. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Policy on Staff and Participant Treatment

Calgary Speed Dating will not tolerate any mistreatment to staff or other participants. Anyone acting with disrespect will be asked to leave and will forfeit any payment made.

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